Extreme Grip Screws

Dress up your semi-automatic and new Hogue grips with a set of Hogue grip screws. Available for most popular semi-automatic pistols, Hogue offers these fine screws in either slotted or Allen (hex) head styles and in either black oxide or stainless finishes. Both finishes are made from 416 stainless steel and are heat treated for optimum performance. Replace those marred up screws with the standard slotted for the new factory look or use the Allen head screws for a custom look.



  • Black finish
  • Beretta and Taurus (Taurus pistols must have frame bushings)
  • 4 Hex Head Screws

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Additional Information
Weight0.0156 lbs
Dimensions3.7500 × 2.5000 × 0.2500 in

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