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Project Stealth Open Top Belt Holster


From full-sized 1911s with or without rails, to modern, compact semi-auto’s, these holsters are built to mold perfectly to your handgun while standing up to the rigors of everyday wear.

Available in assorted colors, choose the Open Top Belt Holster that best matches your gun and attire.

Project Stealth OWB holsters combine sophisticated, patented, flexible, woven carbon fiber and premium American Heavy Native Steerhide for a contemporary, stylish holster that’s both durable and flexible.

Project Stealth is the perfect marriage between carbon fiber and leather. You get the comfort of body-conforming leather belt loops up against your hips, along with the virtual indestructibility and whisper-quiet of carbon fiber. House your Browning, Colt, Kimber, or Sig Sauer in a sturdy, stealth black carbon fiber belt holster to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Project Stealth brings you a revolutionary new leather and carbon fiber holster with a lightweight design, comfortable fit, and unprecedented durability. Fans of 1791 Gunleather love our high-quality leather that conforms to the body and the firearm it carries, handcrafted by fourth generation leather artisans. Yet, there are also some people who swear by carbon fiber’s resistance to abrasion, stretching, snagging, or splitting.

All Project Stealth belt holsters use our same premium handcrafted leather, bonded to CX6 carbon fiber for additional strength. Carbon fiber is used in a number of industrial products, from high-end automobiles and drones, to fishing rods and iPhone cases. Unlike other formulations of carbon fiber, CX6 is particularly malleable, without sacrificing any of its strength.



  • Flexible carbon fiber delivers added durability and will not stretch, snag, split or break
  • Multi-fit options offer excellent retention for a wide range of firearms
  • Precise rapid draw time after time
  • More abrasion-resistant than standard leather holsters
  • After a break-in period, the carbon fiber conforms to firearms like leather, but more quickly
  • Excellent retention, smooth draw, and gentle on gun finishes
  • Bold, luxurious, and elegant
  • Engineered for comfort and style with 100% American-made materials
  • Premium American Heavy Native Steerhide combined with patented flexible, woven carbon fiber
  • Lifetime Warranty and 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Right Hand


  • Beretta 92, 92FS, M9
  • CZ 75/75b, P09, P10F
  • FN FN5.7, FNX, FNS 40 Longslide, 9 Longslide
  • Glock 21, 37, 40, 41
  • H&K VP9, VP Tactical, VP40, HK 45, P30L, Mark 23, USP Tactical
  • Ruger 3810, 3811, American, Security-9
  • Sig Sauer P220, P226, P227, P228, P229, P230, SP2022
  • Springfield XDM 4.5
  • Walther PDP, PPQ, Q4 Tactical, PPQ 45

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