R4E Night Sight – Front Sight


Rapid target acquisition is a critical component of defensive shooting. Designed by two highly experienced U.S. Special Forces veterans, the R4E Optimized Duty Sights have FIVE elements for sight alignment. Three vertical features and two horizontal lines which produce a reticle type sight picture that improves target acquisition time. Tritium enhanced lines on the rear sight help improve target acquisition in low light conditions. This design provides the ability to swiftly line up your sights to the target, which is vital to any shooter-especially law enforcement and defensive shooters.



  • Designed by decorated Special Forces veterans
  • Additional vertical and horizontal lines for optimum sight alignment
  • Tritium-based self-illumination for low-light shooting conditions
  • No batteries required
  • The MEPRO R4E sights are available in color combinations of green or red




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