Sharpshooter IPSC Die-Cut Plastic Target



  • White/Brown IPSC die-cut Plastic Target
  • This all-weather target is based on a standard IPSC target
  • The durable, corrugated plastic construction keeps the target unaffected by rain and the elements.
  • This unofficial target measures at an outside diameter of 18.1 x 29.9″
  • The scoring zones of the target are marked and outlined with light perforated lines
  • This target is brown on one side and white on the other, representing a classic shoot/no-shoot scenario
  • This durable target makes for great practice use for your next event, or for the next time you are looking to get out for some enjoyable shooting


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Additional Information
Weight0.3750 lbs
Dimensions29.7500 × 18.0000 × 0.2500 in

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